[Mar21 14:15:46] 3BTA_A
[Mar20 20:02:47] 3BTA_A
[Mar20 20:49:42] 3BTA_A
[Mar19 20:08:20] 4RFU_A
[Mar18 08:27:35] 4RFT_A
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SEPPA server: With 3D protein structure as input, each residue in the query protein will be given a score according to its neighborhood residues information.Higher score corresponds to higher probability the residue to be involved in an epitope.
DiscoTope Server utilizes calculation of surface accessibility (estimated in terms of contact numbers) and a novel epitope propensity amino acid score.
BEpro(PEPITO) uses a combination of amino-acid propensity scores and half sphere exposure values at multiple distances to achieve state-of-the-art performance.
SAVE system,Protein-Ligand Binding region prediction based on features of Solid Angle,Volume,and Depth
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AIR system, an efficient and effective tool for multiple structure alignment (MStA).
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